1 day FOCONYES volume technique

Keyfacts for training

1 day
In a training center
Advanced training
Advanced person
Only for trained lash stylists. Already certified LUXUSLASHES® partners receive -30% discount.
900,00 $ excl. VAT

Get to know the FOCONYES technique and products in an intensive training.

More than more is not possible. But just much is not enough. Lashes with a glamorous volume are like sand by the sea nowadays. But what good are the densest lashes in extreme lengths if it does not look natural or feels like a foreign body to the eye. This is exactly the task that could only be worked out by the experience of experts. The solution is simply the right technology. That's why we, from LUXUSLASHES®, developed the FOCONYES technology. A completely new adhesive technique, paired with specially developed soft lashes for extraordinary volume, infinite length and perfect swing in a dimension that has never been seen before. And with a naturalness and a feeling that sets completely new standards. Through this training and the transition to LUXUSLASHES® products you benefit from numerous advantages.


Only for salons that regularly work with LUXUSLASHES® products

  • Benefit from the brand LUXUSLASHES® through its name recognition
  • Professional advertising materials and photos for your homepage in our download center
  • Listing as a certified studio on the LUXUSLASHES® homepage (only active customers)
  • Access to various workshops
  • Ongoing advertising for the LUXUSLASHES® brand in newspapers and magazines
  • Access to ongoing promotions and activities for your sales promotion
Training content
  • Adhesive technology "FOCONYES technology"
  • Looks: Natural - Mascara - Drama
  • Soft lashes
  • Product launch
  • Handling
  • Application of the look "natural" within 3 hours, including consultation, gluing, cleansing, care products, consultaion afterwards
  • Submission of a certificate: “Single eyelash extensions for first-time treatment (2 hours)”


As part of the training, you can buy FOCONYES products at a bargain price. 

FOCONYES Set: $ 500,- (instead $ 600.-) 
The set includes: 4 FOCONYES lash boxes in C-Curl / Light, C-Curl / Medium, L-Curl / Light and L-Curl / Medium, 1 FOCONYES tweezer box incl. precision scissors and 5 FOCONYES flyers.

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