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Earrings with LL hanger

rhodanized, with Swarovski crystals, "smoky mauve"

Earrings "smoky mauve"

rhodanized, with Swarovski crystals, "smoky mauve"

Earrings "denim blue"

rhodanized, with Swarovski crystals, "denim blue"

Ear studs

rhodanized, with Swarovski crystals

Bracelet "Denim Blue"

with Swarovski crystals

Bracelet "smoky mauve"

with Swarovski crystals

Bracelet with round LL emblem

with Swarovski crystals

Necklace "smoky mauve"

rhodanized, 90 cm, 6 stations, Swarovski crystals, "smoky mauve"

Necklace with LL hanger

rhodanized, 45 + 5 cm, Swarovski crystals

Necklace with hanger "smoky mauve"

rhodanized, 45 cm, "smoky mauve"


T-Shirt with Swarovski stones "FOCUS ON MY EYES"

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